Halloween is in a few days, and many home and business owners don’t realize the risks associated with the holiday. Ghosts and goblins won’t do nearly as much damage as an injured child or a candle fire. Insurance Programs of America wants to remind all home and business owners to take the steps necessary to ensure a fun, safe, and claims-free Halloween for everyone.

Follow these Halloween safety tips:

1. Drive slowly through neighborhoods where trick-or-treaters may be present. Small children are hard to see and may dart in front of your vehicle.

2. Make sure all walkways leading up to your home or business are well-lit, but avoid using candles that may catch costumes on fire.

3. If your sidewalk or path is uneven or otherwise a danger to children, consider placing cones to warn trick-or-treaters or hand candy out in your front yard instead of from your porch or business.

4. Do not startle children by opening your door suddenly or yelling “Boo!” at them. This may cause kids to turn and run away, which can lead to falls.

5. Lock animals in a bedroom or office, or keep them on a leash. Even if your dog is friendly, he may rush out when you open the door, knocking little Spiderman or Princess Anna down.

6. Park your vehicle inside a locked garage or in a well-lit area, and make sure your windows are up and your doors are locked. Cars are twice as likely to be vandalized on Halloween as on other days.

7. Use battery-operated candles to help prevent fires. Halloween decorations cause over 1,000 home fires each year, according to the National Fire Protection Association. If you do use candles, double check that they are extinguished before you leave or go to bed.

8. Make sure your insurance policy protects you in the event of candle fires, slips and falls, tainted candy claims, etc.

If you have any questions about Halloween safety tips, risks, or coverage, give us a call at 877-653-4762. Our experts will gladly assist you in helping your clients.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!