Not having coastal flood insurance in Florida is silly; not having coastal flood insurance in Miami is crazy.

Miami’s antiquated flood-control system was designed more than 60 years ago, before the area exploded with development and became one of America’s largest cities. All it will take is one major storm surge from a hurricane to decimate the waterfront condos of South Florida.

A city like Miami cannot survive a massive storm surge, and without coastal insurance, it’s nothing more than a sitting duck. More than $103 billion worth of property lines the shores of South Florida and is at risk from hurricane storm surge damage, according to a study by CoreLogic, second only to New York City.

Unless the city’s leaders invest in upgrading the flood-control systems and keeping them up to date, the city’s luck may run out. Miami has been fortunate so far; major hurricanes have either missed the city completely or have passed over at high speeds and produced little storm surge. All it takes is one major storm, though, to flood the streets and cause considerable destruction.

Whether your clients live in South Florida, own a business in Miami, or spend their time on another of Florida’s coastal areas, it’s your responsibility to protect them and their property with coastal insurance that includes flood coverage.

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