Winter weather is not just a concern for northern states; almost every part of the country can be affected by extreme cold, wind and snow storms, and flooding.

When severe, winter storms can knock out power to entire facilities or even whole communities, leaving residents without electricity, heat, and communications for extended periods.

The financial damage to commercial buildings, such as hotels and senior living establishments, can be catastrophic and often reach far beyond damaged roofs and walkways. Any time a business is forced to shut down, even temporarily, the damage to the organization’s reputation can be long-lasting.

Protect Your Clients’ Properties

To best protect your clients’ properties, the time to educate them on the dangers of winter weather and on how to protect themselves, their employees, and their properties is now.

All organizations should have a comprehensive emergency plan that includes details on preparing for and dealing with winter emergencies. FEMA offers a comprehensive guide to winterizing homes, vehicles, and other buildings.

IPOA Can Help

Additionally, Insurance Programs of America is available to answer any questions you may have to help keep your property and your clients’ properties safe this winter.

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